Welcome to RJK Construction

We honor our legacy while using our experience to build a better future for generations to come.

How We Got Here

Our Legacy

At the heart of RJK Construction lies a legacy of passion, integrity, and dedication passed down through generations. Ryan John Kearey, our founder, was immersed in the world of construction from his earliest memories, guided by the unwavering principles of hard work and honesty instilled by his father, John Kearey.

John Kearey was more than a father; he was a mentor and a cornerstone of inspiration for Ryan. For nearly two decades, father and son worked side by side, sharing experiences and leadership that have indelibly shaped the path of RJK Construction.

The late John Kearey with his grandson, possibly a future builder.

In Memory of John Kearey

John’s unexpected passing in 2021 marked a profound moment. In the wake of this loss, Ryan brought together a team of passionate and skilled professionals to form RJK Construction. This new venture, distinct from their previous business, Kearey Builders, stands as a testament to John’s enduring vision and dreams. Both John and Ryan believed in a better approach to construction—one that combines national excellence with empathy, care, and compassion for all involved.

Today, RJK Construction embodies this shared belief. Our clients and partners benefit from our extensive expertise and commitment to these values. Each project we undertake is a tribute to John Kearey, whose spirit continues to inspire and guide us.

Building a Better Future

In everything we do, we honor the memory of John Kearey. Our goal is to consistently reflect his values both professionally and personally. Every brick we lay represents hope, resilience, and progress, contributing to the legacy we are building—a legacy that aims to create a better world by building people and creating lasting memories.

RJK Construction is not just about building structures; it’s about building a future that honors the past. We are dedicated to continuing John Kearey’s legacy with every project, ensuring that his passion and vision live on in the work we do.

In our thoughts, our words and actions – the meaning behind RJK is in remembrance of our founder’s father John Kearey, who passed away suddenly in 2021. Our goal is to consistently honor his memory throughout our company in both a professional and personal capacity.

Each brick laid represents hope, resilience, and progress, contributing to the legacy we leave behind to help build a better world by building people and creating memories!!

Ryan, Simone, and some of the team on opening day.

Who We Are


As a full-service project development and general contracting firm, we have the ability to offer a broad range of services and options. We operate in the public and private sectors, focusing on bringing extraordinary value to our clients through design-assist contracts in the commercial and residential markets. Our delivery methods include Lump Sum, GMP, CM@R and Cost-Plus Contracts

For over two decades, the RJK team has been a driving force in multifamily, hospitality, and self-storage construction. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has resulted in a best-in-class platform that consistently delivers affordable and market-rate communities. Here’s what sets us apart:

Our communities are a testament to our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality. We craft spaces that people proudly call home, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics. We recognize the importance of meeting deadlines and adhering to budgets. Our projects are completed on time, ensuring client satisfaction is always our top priority. Our team is composed of seasoned professionals who approach every project with an owner’s perspective. Their expertise guarantees smooth execution and exceptional results. Our work is driven by integrity, collaboration, and innovation. We place a high value on transparency and open communication with our clients and partners. Together, we have successfully delivered thousands of units.

We are more than builders; we are creators of thriving communities where people flourish. Our role in this process is not just about construction, but about shaping the future and enhancing lives.

Digital Transformation


RJK Construction utilizes a comprehensive platform to manage the design, preconstruction, and construction of all our projects.

This advanced technology combats the traditional divide between project stakeholders by bringing the entire team –– from design consultants to specialty contractors –– into collaboration early in the design phase.

The flexibility of RJK Construction’s open API provides you with a single source of accurate and up-to-date data that connects you directly to your team and ongoing projects. Our construction management software, Procore, helps ensure your project stays on schedule and budget.

Our construction management software, Procore, helps ensure your project stays on schedule and budget.

We strive to provide high quality construction and superior customer service creating unmatched value for our clients.

We strive to provide high quality construction and superior customer service creating unmatched value for our clients.

RJK Construction is on a mission to build great projects. We intend to improve the communities we build in and leave the world better than we found it.

Ryan J. Kearey


Ryan J. Kearey


Former Vice President of Kearey Builders, drawing on more than 20 years of construction management and executive level experience, Mr. Kearey, throughout his career, worked in the presence of an internationally recognized industry leader, John Kearey, witnessing first-hand some of the greatest breakthroughs and transformations within the construction industry. 

After earning his bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of North Carolina, he has had an exceptional career transforming his family business, starting with the pre-con department and moving into project management and business operations. His professional career started with roles as a field superintendent, project manager, and estimator. Mr. Kearey’s experience includes civic, government, cultural, entertainment, healthcare,  industrial, manufacturing,  office, commercial, custom homes, retail, mixed-use, and multi-family.

Mr. Kearey shares strategies on how to leverage technology into bottom-line business, creating new opportunities within the construction world, advising clients in their industries, and having an impact on builders, architects, engineers, owners, and developers. He has earned his scars through hard-won processes that are more than a checklist. Every project has taught Mr. Kearey something, and when you know how to fix mistakes or prevent them from happening, those improvements and efficiencies can be passed on.

Mark Hartslief

Executive Vice President

Former CEO of BioDental Science (now Cayster), drawing on 30 years of experience driving innovation and emerging technology into the transformation of an entire industry. He is internationally recognized in healthcare manufacturing. Mark has a broad knowledge base with diverse experience in disruptive technology, digital manufacturing, working with CEOs and R&D executives from companies including Allen and Company, Henry Schein, Ivoclar, 3Shape,  Nobel, and Straumann, to transform technology disruption within one’s industry, building a bridge between disruptive technologies and corporate partners, creating new lines of business. Mark has and does sit on advisory boards.

Mark has lectured, published, and conducted hands-on courses and led training programs for schools such as NYU, North Shore, Rutgers, and Stony Brook. He has mentored many students in their careers and is at the forefront of the revolution in digital manufacturing, and material science and helping organizations transition to entirely digital workflows. Mark brings over three decades of global operating experience in manufacturing procedures, leading digital transition, knowledge, and expertise with 20 years of executive management in daily business operations. He attended the University of Natal, South Africa, earning his Bachelor of Science degree, and receiving awards of excellence in his research, practical and material sciences.

Josh Phillips

Executive Vice President

Josh brings 20+ years of experience in various construction projects. He is experienced in large-scale private, commercial, and public projects, focusing on multi-family projects throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. He prides himself in staying on the pulse of the industry. Josh began his career in construction at an early age. Highly motivated, he quickly developed into a respected project manager. He now plays a key role in operations at RJK  Construction.

As specifically related to our clients’ development, Mr. Phillips’s focus begins in the estimating and pre-construction phases, building a team that works well together, allowing the project to gain momentum that will follow through construction, turnover, and closeout. This teamwork and communication produce an atmosphere of ownership and accountability, ultimately delivering projects on time and maximizing value for our clients.

Jack Climer

Senior Vice President

Jack is a distinguished figure in the construction, design, and development industry with a rich professional journey spanning over four decades. His expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of projects, including the construction of new hotels, meticulous renovations, and the preservation of historic properties. Jack’s portfolio is a testament to his versatility, showcasing his involvement in the creation of cultural landmarks such as theatres, theme parks, and sports stadiums.​

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Jack has worked with and collaborated with industry giants like John Q Hammons Hotels, Universal Studios, and renowned hotel developers. His contributions have been pivotal in shaping projects ranging from modest service facilities to opulent five-star resorts. Jack’s passion for his craft is evident in every endeavor he undertakes, always aiming to surpass expectations and deliver exceptional results.​

​A visionary in his field, Jack’s creativity and innovative approach have earned him recognition and respect among peers. As he continues to leave his mark on the industry, Jack remains a paragon of construction and design, inspiring a new generation of professionals to reach for new heights.​

Key Team Members

Simone Kearey


Leah Neilson


Jamie Brown

Jaime Brown


Yates Warwick

Yates Warwick

Senior Project manager

Chris Reukauf

Chris Reukauf

Project manager

Troy Rukavina


Bob Brooks


Stan Mowery


Winston Osborne


Louis Giacomini


Zane Perkins

Assistant Superintendent

Bryce Hartslief


Building on a Legacy

RJK Construction’s leadership team has more than 40 years of combined expertise as a general contractor to your commercial, retail, multi-family, and industrial projects. Built upon the same time-tested principles that his father, the late John Kearey, followed, Ryan and his team provide an extraordinary experience by placing service before self. Our people come first, which allows us to perform diligently for our clients – always with integrity and passion. If you have a development or project, please reach out to us today.