Working to Anticipate And Fulfill Our Client’s Needs, Before They Are Aware Of Them

Pre-construction Planning


As a team, we’ve embraced the Design-Build method, where the owner, architect, and contractor collaborate seamlessly. This alignment from the start is crucial for project success. Contrary to misconceptions, this approach doesn’t compromise control or inflate costs. Instead, it allows ongoing cost assessments during design phases, ensuring accurate budgeting. Our commitment to this strategy has consistently delivered approximately 10% savings on project costs and or duration; we invest the time and effort needed for mutual success, avoiding pitfalls and ensuring a seamless construction process, or our preconstruction services are free.

RJK Pre-construction Guarantee

Through our unique method, dubbed “RJK PROCESS,” we assure our clients a minimum of 10% savings in either their budget or project duration. Should we fail to deliver on this promise, our preconstruction services will be provided at no cost.​


Our goal is to provide more certainty in the construction process for our clients. With an understanding of what you consider “valuable” coupled with thoughtful planning, your experience throughout this process-driven platform will result in a level of service above and beyond what you’ve come to expect.

From preconstruction services during the design phase to construction and beyond, bringing us in early in the development lifecycle allows us to create a more coordinated and efficient result.

We’re here to improve the process.

With practical planning at any stage of the construction project, our team can examine the project’s scope and find opportunities, whether that be via lifecycle cost analysis or using more sustainable materials and efficient LEED components to maximize your return on investment.

Continual learning, careful evaluation during the pre-construction planning process, and a reputation for solid execution have made us a trusted partner.

Ryan J. Kearey

Building Information Modeling

Reduce Guesswork

We take the guesswork out of what is happening behind the scenes with a dynamic team. This team empowers its people to manage projects, automate workflows, and rapidly build new solutions — using tools they love and backed by the security of an information system alongside people with years of experience.

In summary, BIM empowers construction professionals by providing a holistic view of projects, enabling informed decisions and enhancing overall project quality and profitability

construction Management

At a Glance

Plan, manage and track all your team’s tasks with a state-of-the-art information system. Our process automates routine tasks so you can focus on the work that matters. Prioritize tasks, set due dates, and check statuses with a glance.

As your construction partner, we stand ready with the vision, experience and drive to bring your project to life, whether that’s walking a potential project site together or assisting with your entitlements. Our goal is to bring as much value for you.

As your construction partner, we stand ready with the vision, experience, and drive to bring your project to life, whether that’s walking a potential project site together or assisting with your entitlements. Our goal is to bring as much value for you.

Advanced Technology

We Utilize Leading Software to manage, View, and document Job sites.


Project Management

RJK Construction’s teams are connected via our project information platform so we can make better decisions faster.

By utilizing software like Procore, we’re better able to take control of construction outcomes and minimize risk.


Construction Cameras

RJK’s construction cameras deliver the most comprehensive feature set for the modern job site, whether you’re interested in implementing live job site viewing, time-lapse photography, or HD Security recording.​


Integrated Accounting Software

With Sage technology, we can better manage your project and our business through instant access to critical information, which allows us to make timely and informed decisions with a single entry accounting and project cost management system.

7 Common Pitfalls in Contracting

Contracting advice from RJ Kearey

Not getting or giving clear specifications on what you want a contractor to provide a quote on. Without clear specifications, you can not compare apples to apples and may not have your complete projects scope covered. Without clear specifications, some builders will simplify specifications to reduce cost and get to the contract stage with an owner.

Not requesting an open book policy with your contractor so you can see the quotes backing up a number and can be sure a project is bid properly.

Going with the least expensive contractor – especially if the contractor is not within 5 – 10% of the other contractors. When one contractor’s quote is significantly lower than the rest, the reason is often that a scope of work has been left out or the contractor is in financial difficulty and trying to cash flow one project for another. “Robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

Too many allowances or allowances not backed up by quotes. Which can lead to additional unintended costs.

Offer to pay your builder for their bids. Bidding cost the contractor and their vendors time and money. Make sure that if the contractor is selected, their cost to bid is credited to the cost of the project.

Don’t ask a contractor for a discount if you pay upfront – Contractors should be paid monthly based on the percent complete of the mutually agreed to schedule of values.

Hiring contractors or subcontractors who are illegal or don’t have the necessary insurance to perform their scope.

Let’s Build Something Extraordinary

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